Latest Feature Releases (Mar 2024)

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FCM Deprecation

March, 2024
Google has announced the deprecation of the current FCM send API ("legacy HTTP"), scheduled to take effect by June 2024. To ensure uninterrupted service and continued receipt of mobile push notifications on Android, please update your FCM Private Key File in our Admin Portal before the deprecation deadline. Please check our documentation for more details.

AMQP & IFTTT Actions in E&A

March, 2024
We are thrilled to unveil the latest enhancement to our Events & Actions service: the AMQP and IFTTT actions. Originating from the FinTech sector, AMQP facilitates seamless communication across various message brokers, including Apache Qpid, Apache ActiveMQ, and RabbitMQ. With this update, you can effortlessly configure specific events to trigger AMQP messages, enabling near real-time data exchange. Whether you are in financial services, healthcare, or any sector requiring robust, secure message routing and delivery, AMQP Action allows for streamlined integration of your PubNub-powered application with external systems. The IFTTT Action, on the other hand, lets you quickly build automated workflows across a wide range of services, from smart home IoT devices to productivity apps. Visit Admin Portal to explore E&A

Introducing a fundamental change in our SDK architecture

March, 2024
Our Swift, JavaScript, Kotlin, and Rust SDKs have all been released with these local listeners, allowing you to create finely tailored subscription objects subscribed to your choice of channels, channel groups, or user and channel metadata events. These new subscription objects operate independently allowing you to start or stop receiving channel data without disturbing other subscription objects. For example, when a user starts the application they can be added to generic channels to receive news or other information as a first subscription object. After they log in, they are added to custom channels tailored toward the user as a second subscription object.  With the previous architecture when a user logged out and unsubscribed from the custom channels, the user would also be unsubscribed from the generic channels. However, with the new listener architecture you can independently unsubscribe from the custom channels while leaving the generic channel subscriptions intact. Visit our documentation to learn more.

Introducing PubNub Illuminate

March, 2024
An in-the-moment decisioning and actionability solution based on live analytics-tracking of your app's data. Illuminate empowers product owners to easily map KPIs that are important to their app’s success, trigger decisions to affect what is happening live, and see instant outcomes without requiring engineering resources. With Illuminate, you can immediately make smart data-backed decisions as real-time interactions are occurring to drive growth and optimize efficiency. To learn more visit our docs.
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