Powerful 5G Software Development

5G promises consumers dramatically low latencies and superior connectivity while unlocking critical new capabilities for many industries. To deliver on those promises, software must evolve to deliver real-time experiences.

5G software development for low-latency applications

PubNub accelerates the transition to 5G. Thousands of companies already use our Realtime Communication Platform to power applications across Healthcare, Education, Gaming, Retail, Transportation, Logistics, and other industries that require low-latency, mission-critical solutions. With 5G, these realtime apps immediately benefit from the increased network speeds.

Apps developed using PubNub automatically benefit from 5G:

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Deliver a “true” collaborative real-time experience within global consumer and enterprise applications.

Gain continuous visibility of mission critical data, devices, and vehicle locations with accuracy measured in milliseconds.

Control devices instantaneously from thousands of miles away with up to 90% reduction in power drain.

This is your 5G software development + PubNub Edge Computing

Everything works better on 5G. Mobile operators partnering to deliver solutions that rely on 5G can dramatically increase success rates and reduce time-to-market with the PubNub Real-time Communication Platform:

  • 5G 3GPP can be extended into PubNub to unify 5G application layer security models. 

  • PubNub Edge Compute is developer-friendly while surfacing the power of the network edge, bringing computation closer to end-user devices for better performance and reduced cost.

  • Applications built on PubNub work on legacy networks and yield additional benefits on 5G, from faster upload/download speeds to greater bandwidth, security, and energy efficiency.

Edge messaging: Bring the Edge out of the Ivory Tower

PubNub brings together the worlds of software developers and network operators. Their platform for low-latency applications helps unlock the power of 5G by making it easy for software developers to immediately capitalize on the benefits of 5G.

Albert Kim

Head of Ericsson Ventures

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