The Real-time Communication Platform

Build, Integrate, and Operate Event-Driven Applications

Create scalable apps that enable real-time interactions, without worrying about infrastructure.

Build, Integrate, and Operate Event-Driven Applications

Develop powerful event-driven applications for real-time communication using easy-to-implement APIs

  • Messages

    Send and receive in-app messages globally in under 100ms with simple, yet powerful, pub/sub APIs. Experience reliable message delivery with message catch-up on dropped connections, automatic compression, and bundling. And if your app goes offline, we’ll support you with fallback to mobile push notifications, SMS, or email—plus historical message playback and retrieval. Enhance your messages with emoji reactions, file and image sharing, and read receipts.

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  • Channels and Streams
    Channels and Streams

    Truly unlimited data channels and powerful stream multiplexing and filtering provides the design patterns you need to build any app. Dedicate a unique channel to each device, while also having group and universal channels, so that you can reach massive audiences in real time.

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  • Functions

    Functions enable you to make our infrastructure programmable for your needs. Run your code within our network or leverage our existing integrations to transform, re-route, augment, filter, and aggregate messages to detect and block spammers, measure averages, and more. All code is run at the edge for low latency and is robust enough that you don’t need to build your own infrastructure.

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  • Presence

    Track the online/offline status of users and devices in real time and create custom states to drive insights and actions across your application. Presence events and state changes can be either synchronous or asynchronous within our platform and can call your servers in real time with webhook callbacks.

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  • Connections

    Our library of client SDKs manage your underlying app connections, ensuring reliable connectivity on any kind of device so you don’t have to worry about protocols and infrastructure. 

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  • Messages
  • Channels and Streams
  • Functions
  • Presence
  • Connections

One platform to build any in-app remote experience


Operate securely and reliability with built-in scalability

Build apps that scale, no matter how your users, use case, or usage changes.
600 Million

unique monthly devices

1.9 Trillion

transactions processed per month


uptime Service Level Agreements


Real-time dashboards for visibility into your app’s usage and traffic with customized alerts and log searches.

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High availability

99.999% uptime Service Level Agreements and global points of presence with automatic routing for failover and redundancy.

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Low Latency at scale

Support unlimited concurrent users in your application at any scale using the largest real-time network available and our Global Points of Presence.

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Enterprise-grade security and compliance

Operate securely through TLS and AES256 encryption, and access flexible authorization schema through OAuth and LDAP models. We require no inbound open ports, which helps prevent attacks on your infrastructure. Plus, we support compliance for regulatory environments that include HIPAA, GDPR, SOC2 Type 2, and CCPA.


Give users the features they need, regardless of your language or tech stack

PubNub easily integrates with the tools and services you already use.

PubNub works with your existing stack. Our platform offers SDKs for popular programming languages and more than 65 pre-built integrations with best-in-class services for profanity filtering, language translation, SMS, ML/Al, and much more. Plus, we make integrating with external and third-party APIs easy with webhook and data stream interfaces, and a secure vault for storing external credentials.

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