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Develop and deliver real-time interactivity

Diagram of PubNub's real-time messaging infrastructure connecting mobile apps, web apps, IoT devices, third-party integrations, and a server.


Our platform helps developers build, deliver, and manage real-time interactivity for web apps, mobile apps, and IoT devices.

Whether businesses need in-app or in-game chat, live audience engagement, multi-user collaboration, or any other form of real-time functionality, we help bring it to life with our suite of purpose-built real-time APIs, SDKs, Solution Kits, integrations and analytics.

The foundation of our platform is the industry’s largest and most scalable real-time edge messaging network. With over 15 points-of-presence worldwide supporting 800 million monthly active users, and 99.999% reliability, you’ll never have to worry about outages, concurrency limits, or any latency issues caused by traffic spikes.

Our communication platform for real-time interactivity development


In-App Messaging in real-time communication needs

In-App Messaging

Our Publish and Subscribe APIs make it easy to deliver high volume, in-app messages 1:1 or to an unlimited number of Channels, anywhere around the globe, in less than 100ms. Message Actions such as delivery acknowledgments, read receipts, and end-user reactions such as emojis can be added to messages. With Message Persistence, we save message history so that devices can retrieve messages that were published even while that device was offline. Finally, Message Filters allow a client to send Messages to only those clients that satisfy the conditions of the filter.

Programmable infrastructure for real-time communication needs


Functions enable you to make our infrastructure programmable for your app needs. Because our infrastructure is programmable and everything is computed at the edge for low latency, you can run your code within our network or leverage existing integrations to transform, re-route, augment, filter, aggregate messages, run code triggered by user presence events, and much more.  Use cases include everything from language translation to moderation, IoT sensor data aggregation to geofencing and geo-triggering.

Presence tracking for chat streams and real-time communication


Presence lets you track and alert on online/offline events for users and devices, as well as track accurate occupancy counts across channels with millions of connected devices.  

Mobile push notifications for real-time communication

Mobile Push Notifications

With Mobile Push Notifications, you can automatically fall-back from in-app messaging to APNS and FCM-delivered messages (iOS and Android devices) when users aren’t online.

Filter and queue events for real-time communication

Events & Actions

Events & Actions makes it easy to filter and queue events across your application and trigger actions from a growing catalog that allow you to easily export and integrate into a variety of 3rd party (and custom) API endpoints. 

App context storage for real-time communication

App Context

Use App Context to store user and channel data, making the development of complex real-time features fast and easy. When you use the App Context service, changes to user or channel data trigger events that apps receive instantly. For example, a user profile update will trigger an event that is instantly shared with all other relevant users.

Access manager for fine-grained control of communication platform

Access Manager

Access Manager offers fine-grained access control. It offers a cryptographic, token-based permission administrator that allows you to regulate clients' access to PubNub resources, such as channels, channel groups, and User IDs

File sharing in real-time chat streams

File Sharing

File Sharing allows end-users to upload and share files (i.e. images and other binaries) in addition to messages.

Solution Kits

Use our chat solution kits to get chat functionality up and running quickly. With support for React and React Native, we give you the UI components and data components necessary to minimize engineering time and get to market faster.

Solution kits for real-time chat stream development
Two people collaborating on an innovative project with a large lightbulb concept graphic.

PubNub Insights

PubNub Insights provides a simple and user-friendly dashboard to increase visibility and efficiency around monitoring your PubNub data. With PubNub Insights, you can easily see where your users are (down to city level) and drill down into the most active users and channels.  But it’s not just about viewing your analytics, it’s also about truly understanding them. Use the Analyze with AI feature – now in preview using OpenAI’s GPT models – to analyze how your app is being used, identify issues, and plan for the future, by telling it what you need in natural language. 

BizOps Workspace

BizOps Workspace is a collection of intuitive, no-code tools to manage the who (users), where (channels), and what (messages and memberships) of your PubNub implementation. It gives you real-time visibility into your app, influence over its behavior, and the ability to troubleshoot or manage its components. Moreover, content moderators can use it to keep communities safe and engaged through content editing, bans, and moderator messages – all without a single line of code! BizOps Workspace lets you streamline business operations and enhance user experience without diverting development resources from your core product.

Edge Messaging Network

Our real-time edge messaging network currently supports over 800 million monthly active users with trillions of messages being sent. With over 15 points-of-presence (PoPs) across the globe, 99.999% uptime SLAs, redundancy, geographic server distribution, geo-routing, latency monitoring, and enterprise scale and reliability, you’ll never have to worry about building infrastructure or disruptions caused by spikes in traffic.

Edge messaging network for real-time communication and chat streams
Security and compliance for real-time communication platform.

Security and Compliance

We provide built-in point-to-point and end-to-end encryption along with fine grained authorization model, and we require no inbound open ports, which helps prevent attacks on your infrastructure. Plus, we support compliance for regulatory environments that include ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, SOC2 Type 2, and CCPA.


Integrate best-in-class third party services directly into your real-time app such as language translation, sentiment analysis, AI, SMS, text-to-speech, content moderation, and more

Enabling Third Party Integration for Seamless Support

Generative AI

With PubNub, you can quickly and easily integrate AI into your real-time applications. Our platform enables you to harness a wide array of powerful AI use cases and AI functionality of today and tomorrow without having to worry about scale, performance, reliability, or latency.

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