Accelerate and advance digital transformation

Extend apps to the edge easily, securely, and at enterprise-scale. Move AI to the edge with federated learning.

Extend event-driven architectures beyond your corporate firewall

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Reduce cloud processing and data storage costs by intelligently filtering on our edge network

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Easily enable communication between heterogeneous populations of mobile and IoT devices distributed across the internet using our 50+ client, server and IoT SDKs 

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Gain peace of mind knowing that our secure firewall traversal enables real-time event streaming across firewalls without requiring the opening of any inbound ports

Capabilities to support your real-time enterprise needs

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Securely move logic and processing to the edge

Only PubNub provides high-speed compute at-the-edge empowering enterprises to seamlessly extend their operations and harness the full potential of edge computing. We're at the forefront of digital transformation on the edge and enabling real-time communication and synchronization between users, devices, sensors, and the distributed edge with centralized cloud or on-premises processes. 

Improve data communication, synchronization, and collaboration

PubNub's real-time messaging and data synchronization capabilities, combined with our global network infrastructure and security features, are critical for enterprise initiatives such as AI and federated learning. You can train and execute models locally on the edge and propagate learning to the central cloud or on-premises from the edge. We enable efficient data communication, synchronization, and collaboration in distributed systems while ensuring low latency, high throughput, and data security.

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Simplify orchestration of event driven architectures

Enjoy the advantages of our extensive global footprint, lightning-fast messaging infrastructure, and rich real-time feature sets. We will serve as a universal broker and 'enterprise event mesh,' a central orchestrator of publish-subscribe events that seamlessly bridges the gap between various event brokers within the enterprise.

Seamlessly integrate with Kafka

Easily bridge events from your Kafka deployment in and out of PubNub using our Sink Connector and Kafka Action. The ready-made Kafka Sink Connector integrates directly with your Kafka deployment, enabling real-time event distribution from Kafka to edge devices, including web browsers, mobile apps, and IoT devices. The fully managed Kafka Action, accessible within our Events & Actions service, facilitates streaming events from edge devices back into Kafka, offering optional filtering, aggregation, and other pre-processing capabilities needed “at the edge”.

Explore PubNub Kafka Bridge

The new PubNub Kafka Sink Connector and Events and Actions Kafka Broker configuration for sending/receive message between PubNub and Kafka

Features for each unique industry use case

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Real-time Fraud Detection
Market Data Analysis
ATM and POS Transactions
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Manufacturing & Industrial

Predictive Maintenance
IT/OT Convergence
Supply chain monitoring
Decentralized Control and Automation
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Transport and Delivery Fleet Management

Real-time fleet management
Last mile delivery
Rideshare and Taxi
Asset tracking and security
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Ecommerce and Retail

Click-and-Collect and Order Tracking
Smart Shelf Management
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Real Time Monitoring and Management
Enterprise to Edge
Event Driven Architecture
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Digital Health, Wellness and Fitness

IoT-Enabled Healthcare Devices / Remote Patient Monitoring
Emergency Response and Disaster management
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Travel and Hospitality

Smart Room Automation
Efficient Facility Management
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IOT and Smart Home

IoT Device Control and Monitoring
Scalable automation
Smart Home

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