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HIPAA-Compliant chat and more for remote healthcare

Deliver better patient experiences with real-time, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine chat, notifications, scheduling, and information.

Build HIPAA-compliant telemedicine that delivers efficient, quality care

Enhance the patient experience and ensure continuity of care

Improve patient satisfaction through rich chat for at-home treatment, real-time notifications to keep patients accountable, and location tracking to ensure patients get to their intended care facility.

Improve operational efficiency without sacrificing the quality of care

HIPAA-compliant chat reduces no-shows, speeds consultations, and eases patient hand-off, reducing overhead costs and improving efficiency.

Ensure HIPAA compliance when handling high volumes of ePHI

End-to-end HIPAA compliance and secure messaging meets regulatory requirements and protects patient data, allowing you to provide better patient outcomes, faster.

Saving lives with real-time speed and efficiency for first responders



PubNub provided the speedy, reliable, and HIPAA-compliant backend that ZOLL needed to  build their in-app chat features for emergency services teams. Using PubNub, ZOLL engineers were able to quickly build a production-ready mobile app with secure, reliable chat messaging that guaranteed messages would arrive in less than 1/10 second.


ZOLL saw quality results in both development and for their end users. PubNub drastically reduced ZOLL’s time to market and let them focus on adding new features to their robust communication app, rather than focusing on backend infrastructure and all the complexities of HIPAA compliance. Customers loved the efficiencies that ZOLL’s real-time features created in emergency situations and how it was built with them in mind.

PubNub is reliable. It’s efficient. It’s fast. It’s everything we were looking for. In the EMS/911 space, efficiency is key because how quickly the first responders and public safety agencies respond determines life or death. PubNub has all of that.

Jason Brock Director of Software Development

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