Learn How To Transform Your Business Real-Time Communication


The Pros and Cons of Building Real-Time Apps with Socket.IO

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Using PubNub to Secure In-App Chat from Scams

In-app chat scams are a large, yet often overlooked, vector for cybersecurity attacks. Let's talk about some tools PubNub provides that can help you keep your mobile or website application safe from phishing attempts.
EDA Whitepaper-Gaming Industry

A Comprehensive Guide to Event-Driven Systems for Gaming

This white paper will help teams gain a better understanding of the EDA landscape for the gaming industry.
EDA Whitepaper-Live Events Industry

A Guide to Event-Driven Systems for Live Event Applications

See how developers can create a true real-time digital experience by leveraging event-driven architecture (EDA).

A Comprehensive Guide to Event-Driven Architecture (EDA)

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A Comprehensive Guide to the Real-Time Technology Stack

What works in the lab doesn’t always work in the wild.

Overview of Real-Time Streaming Protocols

Making sense of the crowded, complex communication protocol ecosystem for building highly-interactive apps and products.

5 Key Requirements to Securing IoT Device Control

This whitepaper details best-practice design patterns and tactics for implementing a secure data stream network to enable bi-directional communication for the Internet of Things.