Build, Manage and Optimize Enterprise-grade Edge Messaging

Broker real-time communication and data exchange at the edge securely at scale

Extend event-driven architectures beyond your corporate firewall

Power decentralized communications

Gain ultrafast messaging between users/ devices/ sensors/ gateways and the edge as well as the edge and your cloud/on-premises services 

Edge Messaging Network  SDKs

Reduce cloud processing and data storage costs by intelligently processing messages on the edge, with event driven architecture that scales, and is secure

Real-Time Edge Analytics

Keep your tech stack. Integrate with your cloud and on-premises services as well as with your edge devices/ sensors/ gateways/ users with PubNub’s 50+ SDKs

PubNub's Edge Message Bus Use Cases

Built on our global edge messaging network, there are many industry use cases for our edge messaging bus 

Edge Messaging Diagram

What makes our edge messaging solution unique

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No Infrastructure or overhead

No need to host servers, scale, manage data residency, etc.

High-speed compute at the edge

Only PubNub allows you to run your code on our edge network with micro-second execution, to route, aggregate, filter, transform, and augment events as they move through our network

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Filtering process visualized with a funnel separating different shapes and colors indicating data sorting or segmentation concept.

Condition-based actions

Unlike other providers, with PubNub you can filter for key events from servers and/or edge devices and synchronously trigger actions on those events.

AI-generated insights

PubNub is the first edge messaging provider to help you gain visibility into your event patterns, with recommendations, in plain english, about ways to optimize your event traffic and flows, along with charts, graphs, and location maps of events.

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Secure firewall traversal

We allow for cross-firewall real-time event streaming without the need to open inbound ports on any firewall

Seamless Kafka integration

Easily bridge events from your Kafka deployment in and out of PubNub using our Sink Connector and Kafka Action.

Explore PubNub Kafka Bridge

The new PubNub Kafka Sink Connector and Events and Actions Kafka Broker configuration for sending/receive message between PubNub and Kafka
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50+ SDKs

The only vendor offering more that 50+ SDKs, PubNub is device type & application programming language agnostic so that events can be published/subscribed to/from every kind of server, IoT device, browser, and laptop

Ensure security and network performance with PubNub