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Innovation and Inventing for Market

Join Patrick Ng, the Innovation Director at Singapore's Spark Launchpad as he talks with PubNub’s COO, Casey Clegg, about innovation and inventing for market. Creating great tech is one thing, but how do you make sure it becomes a product?

Can Empathy Exist in the Metaverse

A roundtable discussion led by PubNub’s COO, Casey Clegg, exploring the topics of what it means to be human in a virtual world.

How to Advance Telehealth and Virtual Care Technologies

Dr. Joe Kvedar, Chair of the Board for the American Telemedicine Association, joins our COO, Casey Clegg, to discuss why telehealth is such a transformative opportunity for our healthcare system.

How to Improve and Scale Digital Health Technologies

Meg Barron, Vice President of Digital Health Strategy at the American Medical Association, talks with PubNub’s COO, Casey Clegg, about what’s next for the healthcare industry as providers welcome patients back to their offices.

PubCast Roundtable: How 5G is Transforming New Technologies

Hear industry leaders from Ericsson, Qualcomm, AWS, and AT&T, discuss some of the key ways that 5G will be a game-changer for developers.

PubNub Focus: The Technology We Use to Scale for Speed

Co-Founder and CTO of PubNub, Stephen Blum, joins us to talk about how we’ve been able to help companies successfully power their Virtual Spaces by enabling them to build engaging, scalable, and reliable apps.

Game Technology is Shaping How We Communicate Online

Ali El Rhermoul, Co-Founder and CTO at Beamable, joins our COO, Casey Clegg, to discuss how developers can create a space where players can forge deep, genuine relationships through gaming.

Online Trends Impacting the Fitness Industry

FORTË Founder and CEO, Lauren Foundos, talks with PubNub’s COO, Casey Clegg, about how the pandemic and digital experiences are transforming the fitness industry and how great fitness experiences can be delivered at scale.

Foolproof Strategies to Convert Customers Into Loyal Fans

LiveLike Co-Founder and CEO, Miheer Walavalkar, joins us to talk about how his company has helped some of the top media and sports organizations in the world create digital experiences that convert audiences into engaged consumers and loyal fans.

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