Build collaborative virtual environments

Deliver shared whiteboards, dashboards, leaderboards, and classrooms for e-learning and collaborative virtual environments.
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Real-time multi user spaces create new approaches to learning in collaborative virtual environments

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Build communication and engagement 

Provide real-time features that  boost communication & engagement amongst students and between students and teachers

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Mirror a traditional classroom 

PubNub insures a reliable way for instructors to engage with students that mirrors a traditional classroom

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Control visibility 

With PubNub you can control visibility into lesson effectiveness

Capabilities to support your students, teachers, faculty and staff’s real-time interactions

Virtual shared whiteboards, classrooms, and documents

Engage students online with virtual whiteboards, classrooms, live webcasts and slideshows, and real-time quizzes to enhance learning.

Shared, multi user documents and spaces 

Improve workforce or workgroup productivity with secure, shared digital collaboration on projects, documents, and tasks.

Chat functionality    

Keep all users informed and interacting with a feature-rich embedded chat.  

There were two big reasons we picked PubNub - scalability and performance. Our original in-house stack built on top of open-source components was stretched to the limits. It couldn’t support more than 2000 concurrent users, and our requirement was closer to 7500 (and is growing 30% QoQ).

Subramanian Viswanathan 

Cofounder and CEO of Disprz

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