Latest Feature Releases (Feb 2024)

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Introducing PubNub's Presence Management

February, 2024
Now you can explore new Presence rules in PubNub's admin portal. Within Presence Management you can track specific Presence events such as: Join, Leave, TimeOut, State-Change, and Intervals. You can add Channel Patterns or Channel Groups, specify the events to track for each group, create as many rules as you need, and assign priorities to each rule. All the rules created within Presence Management are in real time. To learn more visit our docs.

New PubNub Insights Premium: User Behavior Dashboard

February, 2024
PubNub Insights now includes a new User Behavior dashboard. This dashboard allows you to monitor user engagement, enabling a better understanding of how users view your content and reducing churn by observing how long users stay connected to channels or events and how this duration differs over time. To learn more visit our documentation.

Webhooks are now part of Events & Actions

February, 2024
We've enhanced our platform by integrating presence, push, and history webhooks into Events & Actions (E&A). These substantial improvements streamline the setup and maintenance of webhooks, providing even more flexibility for system interaction. Now, you can send events not only to webhooks but also to services like S3, SQS, Kinesis, and more. You can also modify webhook URLs, set retry intervals, configure headers, and assign multiple webhooks to a single event. Activate E&A
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