Real-time data streaming turns live data into insights

Stream data, create live displays, and enable new data-driven experiences.

Data streaming and dashboards that keep you in the know

Chart icon: Real-time dashboard for streaming stock prices

Stream stock or cryptocurrency price charts to financial applications.

Industries icon: Real-time data updates for auctions and sales

Update data changes as they happen for auctions, offers, sales, location, inventory, quizzes, polls.

Product Strategy icon: Live data stats for gamers

Keep gamers in the know with real-time stats made available as they happen.

Make better decisions with data streaming and live dashboards

Live data streams for realtime dashboards

Keep users in the know with live data streams

Publish data from any source in real time, including stock tickers, player scores, and votes -- even behind the corporate firewall.

Live dashboards offer a source of truth

Aggregate and display information in live charts, leaderboards, and polls to reveal insights and spur decisions.

Source of truth: Insights from live dashboards
Engaging user experiences from live data dashboards

Turn dashboards into engaging new user experiences

Invent new features and services by combining and displaying live data.

Get inspired by our data streaming and dashboard customers

Geo GetInpired Decisiv

"Most of the trucking and heavy equipment industry is very ad hoc and the real-time nature of our solution, created using PubNub, is competitive differentiator for our fleet customers"

Michael Riemer

VP Products and Channel Marketing at Decisiv

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