BizOps Workspace

Manage users, data, and more

Gain real-time visibility and influence over your app through an intuitive, no-code interface

Empower your ops team to manage your app

Streamline business operations

Leverage user/device, channel, and channel membership properties to influence your app's behavior.

Enhance user experience

Keep your community safe and engaged with content editing, bans, and moderator messages.

Save development time

Gain real-time visibility and influence over your app without involving engineers or building admin tools.

Feature Overview

  • User Management. View users or devices in your app, filter them using various criteria, and update their information (for example, adding a promo code).

  • Channel Management. Search for individual channels or rooms, review their details, and make changes (for example, updating the channel subject).

  • Membership Management. See who is currently in a channel and assign or remove members.

  • Monitoring & Moderation. View messages in real time, modify and remove them, mute and ban suspicious users, and send moderator messages.

Use Cases

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Operations Managers – Update channel subjects, enable coupon codes, and add vendors to the "allowed" list

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Support Professionals – Provide upgrades, troubleshoot and resolve data discrepancies, and remotely manage IoT devices

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Content Moderators – Keep communities safe and engaged by blocking spam, profanity, and negativity while interacting with users and providing engaging content

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Product Owners – Join live channels to assess user satisfaction with new features or view user location data to gauge the effectiveness of regional campaigns

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Developers – Validate the accuracy of data such as channel memberships or user scores

Level up other PubNub services & tools with BizOps Workspace

BizOps Workspace is powered by App Context!

  • PubNub’s App Context is a powerful way to keep the state of your real-time app in user/device, channel, and membership metadata objects.

  • App Context triggers instant, real-time events when any object's values change, so your apps can automatically update regardless of scale.

  • BizOps Workspace allows you to search, view, and update the objects in App Context, providing an easy, no-code way to manage your app.

Enhance BizOps Workspace moderation experience with PubNub’s Chat SDK

  • PubNub’s Chat SDK provides out-of-the-box chat features like read receipts, @mentions, and unread message counts that can be easily integrated with your UI.

  • It’s an easy way for developers to create new chat applications or add chat features to existing applications, reducing the time needed to develop a custom chat experience.

  • When used with our Chat SDK, BizOps Workspace allows you to watch, mute, and ban users, view and reply to threads, write moderator messages, and more!

Getting started with BizOps Workspace

Explore Now

Log into the PubNub Admin Portal and select BizOps Workspace from the left navigation bar to explore BizOps Workspace.


Check out our documentation to learn best practices for integrating and using BizOps Workspace.

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