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Explore PubNub's core features with our interactive and live-code tour.

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New Chat Components

Focus on your feature set, not basic infrastructure, with our chat and UI components.

What is PubNub?

PubNub enables you to build connected experiences with powerful hosted messaging APIs. Follow our Developer Paths and Quickstart Guides to get started.

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Why use PubNub?

Always-on Pub/Sub

Low latency messaging via persistent open connections to any device, and delivering messaging worldwide in 100ms.


Run JavaScript business logic directly inside PubNub, triggered by messages and user actions.

SOC 2 Type II and HIPAA-Compliant

Build enterprise applications with confidence, meeting rigorous security and compliance requirements.

Chat Components: Go to market quickly

Pre-built chat components let you create engaging apps in minimal time, without sacrificing customization.

Featured Case Study

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vFairs leverages PubNub to provide real-time, in-app chat—reliably and at scale—to the attendees of the remote conferences, trade shows, and more hosted on their platform.


Featured Resource

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Virtual Events Developer Path

Virtual Events Developer Path - Real-time virtual events are made easy with PubNub using our developer path for success.


PubNub Documentation

Explore our guides and examples to use PubNub.

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Explore what you can do with our favorite PubNub demos.

These apps are loaded with examples of pre-built chat features.

Get started the right way and fast with our guides.

Finds the complete list of SDKS in our docs.

Developer Paths

We did the research for you and collected resources for some of our popular developer use cases that will help you learn where to get started, explore what you can do, build what you imagined, and then expand on it to do even more.

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