The industry's most scalable and reliable edge messaging network

Never worry about outages, concurrency limits, or latency issues ever again

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Operating large-scale edge messaging is a very complex distributed systems computing problem. With PubNub's Edge Messaging Network, this becomes easy. With PubNub, users have the critical edge messaging features to create a robust application, rather than trying to build their own:

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Network Performance

  • Runs on a global, replicated network for massive redundancy: 99.999% uptime SLA

  • Automatic routing to nearest PoP (similar to CDN) means low-latency for all users, regardless of location

  • PoPs synchronize so all users get a single combined experience

  • Message “catch-up” for unreliable connectivity environments

  • Auto message bundling for performance on devices with slow connections

  • Can lock data to specific regions for regulatory compliance

Network Capacity

  • 2 trillion monthly transactions

  • 800 million device connections monthly

  • under 100 milliseconds delivery

  • 99.999% reliability

An enterprise-class foundation for deploying real-time messages


The industry’s most scalable platform capable of supporting millions of devices and allows for rapid growth

  • Execution
    Every month, PubNub reaches over 800 million devices and handles over 3 trillion API calls and powered the world’s largest online concurrent event with more than 10.5 million users 

  • Globally distributed data centers
    PubNub has 15 data centers distributed globally. More data availability and replication ensures that data can always be accessed quickly by users worldwide. 

  • Unlimited concurrent usage
    Unlike other providers, Pubnub allows for unlimited concurrent usage


Guaranteed low latency and high uptime 

  • Low latency
    Lightning fast with  latency under 100 milliseconds 

  • Guaranteed uptime
    99.999% uptime SLA

  • Regional failover
    Even with best efforts, data centers can sometimes fail. PubNub has the ability to failover to other geographic regions so your apps can continue to operate unhindered. Likewise, have a large event where a surge of messaging is coming in and the system would otherwise fail? 

  • Redundancy
    Runs on a global, replicated network for massive redundancy

  • Autoscaling
    PubNub helps here too by using auto-scaling, Kubernetes-based approach to ensure scale can instantly come online when customers need it, and scale down automatically to keep the customer costs low


Broker real-time edge communication and data exchange between heterogeneous sets of device types and data centers

  • Any device
    We broker real-time edge communication and data exchange between edge, cloud, and on-premises services, users, devices , sensors and gateways

  • Any cloud provider
    We operate independent of the cloud where customers want to consume us. We support all cloud providers.


Easily integrate best-in-class third party services directly into your application

  • SDKs and Libraries
    PubNub provides SDKs for multiple programming languages and platforms, including JavaScript, iOS, Android, Python, Java, .NET, Unity, and more. These SDKs facilitate seamless integration with various applications and devices.

  • Generative AI
    With PubNub, you can supercharge real-time communications with generative AI such at OpenAI to enhance chat messages, translate languages, answer questions, summarize content, and more.

  • Third-Party Services
    PubNub integrates with numerous third-party services and platforms. For example, it can be integrated with analytics services to gather insights about user interactions, and it can connect with data storage services to store real-time data streams.

  • Message Queues and Event Brokers
    PubNub can be integrated with message queues and event brokers like Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ, and Amazon SQS, allowing seamless communication

  • Blockchain Integration
    PubNub has integrations with blockchain technologies, allowing real-time updates and notifications in blockchain applications.

  • IoT Integrations
    PubNub is well-suited for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. It integrates with various IoT devices, sensors, and platforms, enabling real-time communication between IoT devices and applications.


Enterprise-grade security and compliance with most stringent regulations around the world

  • Access control
    PubNub Access Manager provides token-based r/w access control for each channel of data. Real-time token grant / revoke capabilities take effect instantly across all global PoPs.

  • Data protection & encryption
    TLS and AES256 encryption, plus support for BYOE (bring-your-own-encryption) models.

  • Network security
    PubNub’s production environment is separate from the internal organization network, ensuring all customers’ data and functional servers remain safe.

  • Regional data storage
    Lock down data storage to specific geographic regions, such as “EU-Only” Storage, “APAC-Only” Storage or “US-Only” Storage.

  • Physical & network security
    PubNub uses Amazon Web Services, Inc. (“AWS”) to securely host our servers and all customer data due to its comprehensive compliance and controls.

  • Compliance
    GDPR, SOC 2, ISO 27001, CCPA, HIPAA, compliant and more

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"The major increase in IoT devices coupled with low-latency mobile is fueling the rise of edge computing because the edge is where people, data and devices interact. We see tremendous opportunity for technology and tools that foster innovation and development of solutions to help advance the edge and we view PubNub’s mission of bringing edge computing out of the lab and into the hands of today’s application developers as a positive thing for the industry."

Pradeep Iyer

Chief Architect at Aruba
a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

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