Edge Messaging

Edge Messaging for the Real World

With 2 trillion edge transactions on our platform monthly, users see faster performance and improved customer experiences. 

Real-Time Edge Messaging features built for you

Operating large-scale edge messaging is a very complex distributed systems computing problem. With PubNub’s Edge Messaging Network, this becomes easy. Users can accelerate time-to-market and improve end user experience. With PubNub, users have the critical edge messaging features to create a robust application, rather than trying to build their own:

Access Control

Edge Messaging Networks like PubNub provide Access Management security specifically designed for real-time messages, with fine-grain ability to enable access to each message channel for each user, even when there are billions of parallel channels.

Channel Groups

PubNub offers server-side channel control for the many use cases when you want to group thousands of sparse channels of messages together, allowing a user to subscribe to all of these channels simultaneously.

Globally Distributed Data Centers & Regional Storage

PubNub has 15 data centers distributed globally. More data availability and replication ensures that data can always be accessed quickly by users worldwide. Additionally, regional storage helps users to remain compliant with regulations.

Regional Failover and Autoscaling

Even with best efforts, data centers can sometimes fail. PubNub has the ability to failover to other geographic regions so your apps can continue to operate unhindered. Likewise, have a large event where a surge of messaging is coming in and the system would otherwise fail? PubNub helps here too by using auto-scaling, Kubernetes-based approach to ensure scale can instantly come online when customers need it, and scale down automatically to keep the customer costs low.

Bring the Edge out of the Ivory Tower

The PubNub platform bridges cloud, edge, and the world’s application developers. The Enterprise IT and Telecommunication industries are at “the edge” of capturing the untapped $431B opportunity emerging from the needs of modern, New Economy applications. The rollout of 5G adds yet another need for a proven real-time edge platform to make good on the promise of the edge.

Edge messaging: Bring the Edge out of the Ivory Tower

The major increase in IoT devices coupled with low-latency mobile is fueling the rise of edge computing because the edge is where people, data and devices interact. We see tremendous opportunity for technology and tools that foster innovation and development of solutions to help advance the edge and we view PubNub’s mission of bringing edge computing out of the lab and into the hands of today’s application developers as a positive thing for the industry.

Pradeep Iyer

Chief Architect at Aruba
a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

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