Latest Feature Releases (May 2019)

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DX Upgrade: Enhanced Portal Navigation

May, 2019
PubNub is happy to announce the release of an updated experience for the PubNub Administration Portal, the tool by which developers manage their usage of the real-time APIs. This update includes simplified navigation, the inclusion of breadcrumbs for faster access to related data as well as an improvement in user experience for those features that require an application or key selection. The roadmap is rich with more enhancements, both user experience and features. Stay tuned!

Platform Upgrade: HTTP/2 Support

May, 2019
One of the benefits of using PubNub is not having to worry about underlying communication protocols. Messaging simply works, in real time and very, very fast. However, sometimes protocols, like MQTT and HTTP, do matter. In the web world, HTTP/2 is the new standard, with more and more web applications and properties supporting by the day. PubNub is pleased to announce that our APIs now support processing requests made over HTTP/2. Broader native support in the SDKs will be rolled out over time. Please contact PubNub Support for more information.
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