PubNub Insights

Increase visibility and efficiency with PubNub Insights

Dive into your current PubNub implementation to view turnkey analytics based on your messages, users, and channels.

Evaluate your PubNub data with ease

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Quickly access data visualizations 

View dashboards of your messages, users, and channels. Look at maps of where your users and message activity are from as well as charts that show analytics by hour, day, and longer time periods.  

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Plan next moves with confidence

Increase engagement and grow your business by identifying and monitoring trends, patterns & anomalies over time and by location. Tap into Insight’s preview of Analyze with AI, a premium feature that uses OpenAI’s GPT models to quickly and easily help you dig deeper into your data.

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Save time and resources

Remove the need to spend resources and time building analytics so you can focus on your core strength.

Example Use Cases

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Analyzing and planning live events

  • Track activity during events to instruct moderators and team members of what actions to take

  • Compare events and determine if attendance rate is due to teams, hosts, or guests to plan for future events

  • Measure which shows had the most attendees, messages, and more

Tracking User Engagement & Growth

  • See changes in activity over time. For example, general usage of messaging in the app and how frequently the feature is being used by members

  • Implement better targeting strategies by viewing which states are chattier, what are the patterns, what are we doing in the states that are different.

  • Drive engagement strategy by viewing engagement rates by device: phone, email, etc.

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Monitoring Product & Feature Adoption Trends

  • See how users or messages are spread out through location metrics and compare adoption rates in different states

  • Gain visibility into which users and channels have the most activity to better understand user population and how the app is being used.

  • View message and subscriber activity to identify patterns and monitor trends

What makes PubNub Insights unique?

Data analytics dashboard with world map visualization, unique channels and messages line charts, and by-the-hour user interaction graph.

Turnkey metrics with no coding required

Count of messages, users & channels filtered by: time period, date range, and location. Top 20 unique channels and unique user counts.

Instant availability

Your own unique PubNub data metrics are immediately available for you to view when you click activate. 

Additional data analysis with AI 

PubNub’s preview of Analyze with AI scans your data and generates natural language analysis tailored to your specific queries. Created using OpenAI’s GPT models, you can uncover more about your data quickly and easily. 

Getting Started with PubNub Insights

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Activate Now

Login to the PubNub Admin Portal and select PubNub Insights from the left navigation bar to get started.

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Insights 1-Pager

Download our 1-Pager for a quick at-a-glance view of PubNub Insights.

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