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PubNub’s fast, reliable network with 15 globally replicated points of presence handling 2 trillion messages per month is the perfect fit for large organizations looking for scale, speed, and security. Contact us to learn about our transaction based pricing. Pay only for transactions you use and get discounts as you grow. Schedule a Demo!

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Dedicated support for mission-critical apps

Best effort response times
Web, email
24 hour guaranteed response time
Web, email, screenshare
1 hour best practices session

2 hour guaranteed response time
Web, email, screenshare, phone
Ongoing best practices sessions
Early access to beta features
Direct escalation to the PubNub Management Team
Live Events
10 minute response time
Live proactive monitoring
Dedicated contact on the PubNub support team
3 hour minimum

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Can I try PubNub for free?
Yes. We offer a Free tier for trial and proof of concept purposes. The Free tier allows you to connect up to 100 Daily Active Devices and try out any and all add-on features at no charge. For trial projects, this should be more than enough to get you up and running. Our Free tier also includes our Basic Support. Included in your free access are 1M messages and 1M PubNub Functions executions. If you need additional messages, upgrade to the Growth tier starting at $49/month. Click here to get started today.
Is there any charge for activating features, including PubNub Functions?
No – access to all the Data Stream Network features, such as Storage & Playback, PubNub Functions, Presence, etc. is included in all plans. All features can be activated through the Administrator Dashboard. You pay just for any additional usage generated by using that feature. For example, enabling Presence will generate additional messages containing the presence events, or sending messages to trigger PubNub Functions will generate execution charges.
How are PubNub Functions charged?
Access to PubNub Functions is included in all plans, along with 1M free executions. After that you pay for what you use. The following charges apply to your usage beyond the included allotment for your tier.


Executions Each time your code is triggered is called an execution, and will generate a usage charge. $25 / million
KV Store Reads & XHR request/response Read operations made to the Key/Value store, e.g. get, getCounter, and usage of the XHR module in PubNub Functions are counted and charged for. $20 / million
KV Store Writes Write operations made to the Key/Value store in PubNub Functions, e.g. set, incrCounter are counted and charged for. $75 / million
What are the different pricing tiers and how many messages are included in each?
Our device-based plans come bundled with plenty of messages. All tiers also include 1M Functions executions and Basic Support.

Free: 100 Daily Devices, 1M Messages

Starter ($49/mo): 500 Daily Devices, 2M Messages

Pilot ($149/mo): 1,500 Daily Devices, 5M Messages

Launch ($399/mo): 5,000 Daily Devices, 10M Messages

Scale ($799/mo): 20,000 Daily Devices, 40M Messages

Large Scale: Contact us to learn about our transaction based pricing. Pay only for transactions you use and get discounts as you grow.

I’m a Scale plan customer and continue to grow – what happens next?
When your application takes off and you grow beyond the Scale plan, our Large Scale transaction tier is there for you, with unlimited devices and a pay-as-you-go transaction model. You will be upgraded automatically from the Scale to the Large Scale transaction based model as you grow beyond the 20,000 device limit. After that, devices are not charged for, you receive unlimited free devices. Click here to contact us and learn more.
When would I be upgraded to Enterprise Pricing?
When your usage exceeds 20,000 Daily Active Devices or 40,000,000 Transactions in a month, your subscription will be upgraded to our Large Scale (Transaction Based) Tier. Please contact us with any questions.
How are Daily Active Devices measured?
Daily Active Devices are measured as the number of unique UUIDs (universally unique identifiers) that connect to the PubNub network within each 24-hour period between 00:00:00 UTC and 23:59:59 UTC. This number is not correlated to DAU, MAU, concurrency or other metrics generated by other 3rd party analytics engines, and is not expected to match for several reasons. You can set a unique UUID via the PubNub client SDK.
What happens if I exceed a plan’s device limit?

PubNub will automatically upgrade your account to the next applicable Service Tier if you exceed your current Service Tier limits more than two (2) times in a calendar month, or by more than 10% at least once within a calendar month. This change will stay in effect unless the customer specifically requests an account change. Charges for the current month will be prorated and reflected in the next invoice. These changes will be communicated automatically by email to your billing contact.

If you exceed 20,000 Daily Active Devices, your subscription will be upgraded to our Large Scale (Transaction Based) Tier. Please contact us with any questions.

Where can I track my usage?
The PubNub Administrative Dashboard gives you access to all of your usage metrics. These metrics are updated at least once per day so you should be able to get an accurate snapshot of your current monthly and historical usage. Simply login to the Administrative Dashboard, select your app or key, and then click the Usage option on the left.
What happens if I exceed my plan’s message limits?

If you’re on the Free tier: 1M messages and 1M PubNub Functions executions are included. If you need additional messages, upgrade to the Growth tier starting at $49/month. Just log into your PubNub Admin Dashboard to select a plan. If you’re not sure which plan you need, click here to contact us and learn more.

If you’re on a paid plan: Send as many messages as you like without upgrading your tier. Messages that exceed the included amount are charged a flat rate of $2.50/million. Additional PubNub Functions executions are available at $25/million.

How is the Storage & Playback feature priced?
The Storage & Playback feature is free to use like all other features. You can choose the storage retention duration you want, including “forever” – the only variable for pricing is the total amount of data stored. The following amount of storage is included with each tier:

Starter – 2 GB

Pilot – 5 GB

Launch – 15 GB

Scale – 30 GB

Large Scale – 50 GB

At any usage tier, storage used in excess of the amount purchased will be billed in increments of 10 GB for $99 each.
What are the message size limits?
Messages up to 32K in size can be sent through PubNub with or without TLS encryption.
What payment methods are accepted?
PubNub accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. For customers on Large Scale plans, we also accept wire and ACH payments.
More questions?
If you have any additional questions that aren’t answered here, please contact PubNub support.

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