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    1GB Data Persistence
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  • Includes Basic Support


$ 49/mo

$49 is a prepay toward
your Transaction usage.

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  • Volume-Based Discountsabove 20M Transactions
  • Lightweight Pub/Sub-only Plans for "ephemeral" messaging use cases
  • Annual Prepay Optionsfor better budget predictability
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  • Premium Support Plans Available

* Replicated and Edge Transactions are measured as payloads of 2KB or less. For payloads up to 32KB multiply number of Transactions by units of 2KB (e.g. an 8KB payload would incur 4 Transactions).

There are four categories of PubNub usage charges:

Replicated Transactions are API calls that result in information replicating across multiple PubNub Points-of-Presence (PoP), such as publishing a message.

Edge Transactions are API calls that interact with a single PubNub PoP, such as receiving a published message via a Subscribe API call.

Functions Executions are counted for each execution of a PubNub Function. Learn more about Functions.

Data Persistence is charged per GB per month for API calls that store data into PubNub, such as Storage & Playback, the Key/Value store, and others. Read More.

To learn more about all Replicated and Edge Transactions, please visit the Transaction Classification Page.

The PubNub free plan includes 1M free transactions per month (comprised of any combination of Replicated, Edge, and Function Executions) and 1 GB free Data Persistence per month.

Example 1

A chat application that serves 100,000 customers per month, each of whom on average use two ten-minute chat sessions, which include 20 messages, averaging 1KB in payload, in each direction between customer and operator.

For each session:

  • 1 Edge Transaction to open the session between the client and PubNub
  • 20 Edge Transactions for receiving 20 messages (subscribing to messages)
  • 20 Replicated Transactions for 20 messages (publishing messages)
  • 40KB of Data Persistence for the 40 messages (persisting the data)
  • 1 Edge transaction to close the session
  • Total: 22 Edge Transactions; 20 Replicated Transactions; 40KB written to Storage & Playback (Data Persistence)

Total cost:

  • 100,000 users with two session per month = 200,000 sessions
  • Total: 4.4M Edge Transactions, 4M Replicated Transactions, 8GB written to Storage & Playback
  • Total Cost:
    • Edge: 4.4M * $0.000020= $88
    • Replicated: 4M * $0.000075=$300
    • Data Persistence: 8GB * $8 = $64
    • Grand total: $452/month
Example 2

Taxi dispatch company with 500 cabs that can be hailed through a smartphone. When a user makes a request for a ride the backend will check which drivers are online by using the here_now() call. Once the user is matched with a driver, the cab location is published twice a minute to the user. On average, a ride lasts for 15 minutes.

For each session:

  • 1 Edge Transaction per mobile to open the connection to PubNub
  • 1 Edge Transaction per ride request to determine online drivers
  • 30 Replicated Transactions per ride - publishing Lat/long from cab phone to rider
  • 30 Edge Transactions per ride - rider subscribing to lat/long information during the ride.
  • 1 edge call per mobile device to close the connection to PubNub

For each ride

  • 35 Edge Transactions
  • 30 Replicated Transactions

Total cost per ride

  • Edge : $0.0007
  • Replicated : $0.00225
  • Total cost : $0.00295

Technical Details

What are Transactions? How are they measured?

Transactions are API requests that are made to the PubNub network. When you make an API call to PubNub, we count that as a transaction.

Each transaction can consist of up to a 2048 byte payload. Since payloads up to 32KB are supported, larger Transactions are counted as multiple Transactions, where the payload is divided into 2048 bytes buckets.

Transactions may be designated as either Replicated or Edge.

How are Transactions different from messages?

Transactions are API requests made to the PubNub network. This includes messages sent and received using Publish and Subscribe APIs.

What are Replicated Transactions?
Replicated Transactions are API calls to the PubNub network that result in replication of data to Points of Presence (PoPs). For example, Publish() API calls, setting Access Manager rules, and setting Channel Groups are designated as Replicated Transactions. Read More.
What are Edge Transactions?
Edge Transactions are API calls to the PubNub Network that only affect a single region, such as a message received via a Subscribe() API call, a read from Storage, or Mobile Push service. Read More.
How are PubNub Webhooks/Callbacks charged?

If you are using PubNub webhooks/callbacks to receive PubNub events on your backend, each webhook call is counted as an Edge Transaction. For instance, if PubNub makes 5 calls to your backend with Presence information, with payload sizes 2KB each, that is counted as 5 Edge calls towards your total Transaction volume.


This is irrespective of the type of webhook you have set - Presence, Delete from History or Push Notification Remove Device Webhooks.

Are there free Transactions?
Yes. Fire() API calls, which send data to PubNub Functions for processing, and Time() API calls are free. Read More.
Where can I find the list of transaction classifications?
Do I get charged for Data Persistence?

There are two kinds of Data Persistence charges:

Cost per Write - In the month you store data, you pay for all the bytes written in that month.

Cost for Retention - All bytes written (and retained) from previous months are tallied and charged in aggregate each month. For customers using Storage TTL settings of 30 days or less for their data, there is no Cost for Retention charge applied.

Use Case Example:

Data Persistence usage with TTL=30 days - If you write 3GB in Month 1, you will be charged 3 GB* $8 = $24 after Month 1. In Month 2, you write 4 GB. After Month 2, you will be charged $32 (4GB * $8GB) for the data written in Month 2, but there is no charge for the data written in Month 1 since it had a TTL (auto-expiration) time set.

Data Persistence usage with no TTL (“forever storage”) - If you write 2GB in Month 1, you will be charged 2 GB* $8 = $16 after Month 1. In Month 2, you write 4 GB. After Month 2, you will be charged $48 (4GB * $8GB) for the data written in Month 2, and $16 for the persistence of the data written in Month 1.

How do I estimate the Transactions for my use case?
Please see the examples above. If none of them match your use case, please contact us and we will be happy to help you develop an accurate model.

Pricing Plans

Can I try Pubnub for free?
Yes, we offer a free plan for trial and proof of concept purposes. The Free Plan provides you with up to a million Transactions. Our Free Plan also includes Basic Support. Clicking here to get started today.
Can I stay on the Free Plan forever?
As long as you stay within the limits of the Free Plan (1 million Transactions or Functions Executions), you can use it for as long as you need to. It is intended for testing and development purposes - once your application reaches production, you will need to upgrade to a paid account.
Do I have to pay to activate different features?
You do not have to pay to enable features like Presence, Storage & Playback, Push Notifications etc. When you enable them on the Admin Dashboard, and use the APIs related to these features, they will be counted towards your total transaction volume at the end of the month.
What happens if I use more than $49 worth of Transactions in a month?
At the end of each month, the $49 minimum monthly payment will be credited against the total usage charges your account has accrued. For example, if you used 2 million replicated and 8 million edge Transactions, the total cost would be $310; your $49 monthly payment would be credited toward this amount, and your variable charge for that month would be $261.
The Standard plan doesn’t meet my needs - are custom plans available?
Yes. For customers with unique needs and/or high volume expectations, please Contact Sales to create a custom plan.
Will I be charged for all the keys in my account?
We count your overall usage for all keys in use within your account. You will be able to see the usage per key on the PubNub Admin Dashboard, and will be billed for the account usage.


Where can I check my account Transactions?
The PubNub Admin Dashboard gives you access to all of your usage metrics. These metrics are updated at least once per day so you can get an accurate snapshot of your current monthly and historical usage. Simply login to the Admin Dashboard, select your app or key, and then click the Usage option on the left.
Can I get a report of my Transactions ?
Within your PubNub Admin Dashboard, under the usage tab, there is a provision to download your PubNub usage for up to the most recent 3 months.

Payment details

What payment methods are accepted?
PubNub accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards, as well as wire transfers and ACH payments.
What happens if my credit card is invalid/expires?
We will send you a notice that your payment method is invalid. We will contact you to gain updated information. Your account will be unaffected for up to 7 days after a failed charge while we resolve the issue.

Support Plans

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2 hour guaranteed response time
Web, email, screenshare, phone
Ongoing best practices sessions
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Direct escalation to the PubNub Management Team
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Dedicated contact on the PubNub support team
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