Latest Feature Releases (Sep 2020)

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Announcing the ability to send and receive Files

September, 2020
PubNub is pleased to announce Files feature to give developers an ability to send, receive and share files between users and devices. Read More.

Dart SDK Improvements

September, 2020
We recently added improvements to the Dart SDK, focused on connection management and history storage retrieval.

Datadog Dashboards

September, 2020
Premium customers on the PubNub Platform can now access near real-time metrics and alert through Datadog Dashboards. Please contact Support for more information.

Files API

September, 2020
PubNub’s product team is happy to announce the release of “Files”, to upload and share files (images, videos etc.) with anyone in your app. Before this release, our customers had to build their own integration with Amazon S3 or other cloud hosting services to share files. Now, developers get this feature out-of-the-box so they can ship their product faster to market.
Files adds new functionality to your chat application, allowing your team and your users to share images, videos, and files with others. Now, when you upload a file directly into your application, it'll appear instantly in your chat. Behind the scenes, files are uploaded to an external bucket and the URL is passed to the chat application. PubNub Files messages can also contain a user-defined text portion that can be used to set a caption or placeholder text to display alongside the file. Key Features Sharing Files - users can upload files from their client apps to an external bucket and share them as links with other users in a channel. Users can then download the files locally or display them directly on their apps. Encrypting Files - users can encrypt file data before it is uploaded from the client app so files can be shared privately and are secure. This is required for HIPAA compliance in telemedicine to share patient records and images securely. Triggers for Moderation - file messages trigger before/after functions so you can easily integrate with third-party image moderation services before files are shared with other users and keep chats clean and friendly for everyone. Manage Files - customers can list files, get files and delete files from the external bucket. These operations are protected by PAM to prevent abuse.
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