Generative AI

PubNub’s Generative AI APIs

With PubNub, you can supercharge real-time communications with generative AI to enhance chat messages, translate languages, answer questions, summarize content, and more.

Why Generative AI + PubNub

  • Security and privacy, protecting sensitive information while delivering generative AI results without exposing API keys or external data to end users

  • Compliant broadcasting of AI results to multiple users worldwide

  • Performing AI tasks closer to end users to ensure more security, faster response times, and improved reliability

  • Minimal-coding that simplifies integration with other API vendors, guaranteeing a seamless and powerful AI solution that efficiently meets your business requirements

Why PubNub + AI
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AI API Integrations

PubNub’s API integration with OpenAI's ChatGPT, makes it easy to:

  • Generate copy used for notifications delivered by PubNub

  • Alter, filter or translate messages being published by PubNub

  • Answer questions in the form of chatbots

  • Make recommendations based on geo-coordinates or conversational context

  • Generate and summarize copy or content

AI-powered Features Within Our Platform

We leverage powerful generative AI capabilities within our PubNub Insights product. This new feature, powered by OpenAI's GPT model, helps summarize and interpret data presented within our analytics tool.

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