Create engaging social interactions that enhance your end users audience experience

From live events to social workouts, in-app chat and push notifications redefine these group interactions.

Redefine in-app social interactions with secure chat

Increase user engagement with live and remote audiences

Drive event-based engagement with mass chat, live polling, and programs for halftime and intermission. Enhance program content with stats, ads, offers, and live blogging.

Unlimited conversation streams and concurrent users

Confidently create your events knowing you can include as many concurrent users in as many channels as you need and that they’ll be reliably supported through audience dips and spikes. And because there’s no caps with PubNub, there are no pricing penalties as your audience grows.

Flexible, real-time profanity filtering and translation

Don’t rely on cookie-cutter solution: whether you want to sift out and replace unwanted language by creating your own dictionary or need compliant, complex filtering for children—we have you covered. Plus, you’ll have full control over any text that passes through your platform for live translation, analysis, and more.

Capturing the joy of live events



LiveLike uses PubNub to power their audience engagement platform to make remote events feel just as entertaining, communal, and joyous as in-person events.


LiveLike has truly found a partner to ensure that they can provide engaging, real-time live events platforms for every customer, regardless of their audience size and usage.

"Now that we build with PubNub, we never have to worry about how to handle audience spikes or an influx of engagement.”

Justin Poliey

Director of Engineering and Product Lead

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