Get everyone on the same page with multi-user virtual spaces

Bring the team together with virtual classrooms, document collaboration tools, and more
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How virtual spaces are changing the way people work together

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Deliver new products and services, from elearning to publishing.

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Build tools that improve productivity and workgroup collaboration.

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Improve efficiency and effectiveness through remote collaboration.

Shared document collaboration tools and virtual spaces bring shared focus

Virtual spaces for real-time document collaboration

Bring real groups together in virtual spaces

Build virtual whiteboards or classrooms for eLearning platforms or workgroups that bring groups together in a shared workspace.

Synchronize document views for group productivity

Enable multiple users to collaborate simultaneously in documents, worksheets, and other digital workspaces.

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Deliver real-time views of projects and tasks

Get everyone on the same page - whether in a game, a meeting, or a virtual live event.

Get inspired by customers building multiuser spaces

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"When a teacher gives a feedback point on ClassDojo, it calls PubNub and sends a popup. Since we started, we have sent over a billion of those—all through PubNub. PubNub allows us to scale up to hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections with no problems at all."

Liam Don

Co-Founder and CTO at ClassDojo

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