Customer Stories

Thousands of Participants, One Mission

The immediate and responsive experience created by realtime interactivity had the potential to create an impression that there was a tangible connection between the audience’s personal devices with the billboard, and enhance the urgency and drama of the campaign we had in mind.

Reza Rosli, Technologist at Arc Worldwide Malaysia

Fewer Missed Rides, More Healthy Patients

From testing, to 1,500 rides a day today, to an estimated 15,000 rides a day in the coming months, we’re confident PubNub can handle that growth.

Kabir Chandhoke, COO of SourceFuse

In EMS, Every Second Can Mean Life or Deat

PubNub is reliable. It’s efficient. It’s fast. It’s everything we were looking for. In the EMS/911 space, efficiency is key because how quickly the first responders and public safety agencies respond determines life or death. PubNub has all of that.

Jason Brock, Director of Software Development.

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