Real-time features that keep your users informed and engaged

With PubNub, you can ensure that your users stay informed and engaged with your platform, ultimately leading to increased user retention and satisfaction.

Experiences that will resonate with your customers

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Provide real-time updates 

To keep customers updated on what they want to know the most: market data, stock prices, and other financial information

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Keep customers informed 

With PubNub, you can notify customers through in-app alerts and push notifications

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Maximize customer engagement 

Keep users interacting within your app through direct messaging, group chat, and social features

Experiences that will resonate with your core audience

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Real-time data streaming for stocks and crypto 

With PubNub, users can stream stock or cryptocurrency price charts to financial applications. Real-time updates provide valuable insights on the fluctuating market and keep them up to date on gains and losses - an essential need for every investor.  providing a real-time experience for end users. 

Push notifications and alerts 

Alert users when financial data is available. PubNub provides push notifications that can alert users with the latest info so they always have financial visibility when needed.

Real-Time Push Notifications
Chat Engagement

Real-time secure chat for world class customer experience 

Set-up one to one chat between you and your end users to create unique and seamless customer support. End-to-End compliance keeps your customers' sensitive information secure. 

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