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Growth: Build scalable communities with PubNub chat apps

Be rewarded for your growth

PubNub has no concurrency or channel limits, so you can build and scale into the future without worrying about breaking the bank.

Pubsub: Logic incorporation with live message app chat

Quickly incorporate logic on your messages

Functions are serverless and enable the creation and execution of business logic on messages at the edge of the network.

Support: Engineering extension for in-app messages

Have an extension to your Engineering team

PubNub provides 24/7 support across the globe and a dedicated Solution Architects team who will help develop a plan with you.

See what you can create using PubNub

Check out our Demos

Explore how you can build a feature-rich chat and team collaboration application using PubNub Chat.

PubNub Chat Demos: Rich chat app features
PubNub Chat Tutorials: In-app chat setup guide

Explore our Tutorials

This in-app chat tutorial demonstrates how to quickly set up and build a simple standalone chat application.


Why PubNub?

Our standard messaging features allow you to build direct, group, and large scale chat without needing to maintain the infrastructure and backend yourself.


Manage user metadata, permissions, presence, and mentions


Manage real-time, historical, and unread messages. Handle files, reactions, and events

Push Notifications

Integrate mobile devices with 3rd party push services (FCM or APNs) to trigger push notifications


Unlimited secure channels for direct or group messaging


Moderate messages for profanity and spam. Flag messages, ban or mute users


Create the ability to share images, files, and documents to one or more other chat users


Monitor content and images, add on-the-fly translation, chatbots, GIFs and stickers libraries


Empower chat users to use Emoji Reactions to chat messages

Chat Components: Go to market quickly

Pre-built chat components let you create engaging apps in minimal time, without sacrificing customization.

Chat SDK: Quick go-to-market with chat apps
Programmability with Functions: Extend live message app chat functionality

Programmability with Functions

Extend your chat by building additional functionality with PubNub Functions, such as translation, chatbots, profanity filtering, sentiment analysis, and more.

Learn how our customers leverage our platform

“Since deploying this support chatbot built with PubNub, Swiggy has been able to automate up to 70% of all customer support tickets. Because of this, their time to resolution has also decreased dramatically, from an average of around five minutes pre-automation to just 30 to 40 seconds now.” 

Rahul Bennapalan

Software Development Engineer 4 at Swiggy

Enterprise-grade security and compliance

Operate securely through TLS and AES256 encryption, and access flexible authorization schema through OAuth and LDAP models. We require no inbound open ports, which helps prevent attacks on your infrastructure. Plus, we support compliance for regulatory environments that include ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, SOC2 Type 2, and CCPA.

GDPR logo: Secure in-app messages with enterprise-grade compliance
HIPAA logo: Secure live message app chat with enterprise-grade compliance
SOC2 logo: Secure chat apps with enterprise-grade compliance
CCPA logo: Enterprise-grade security for chat functionality.

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