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APIs and infrastructure delivering over 30 billion chat messages a month for 1000s of chat apps

PubNub's Network is the best option for building innovative and powerful chat applications because of the powerful chat APIs, enterprise-grade security, scalability, and reliability.

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Use Case for Chat APIs and infrastructure

Why PubNub for Chat?

Secure End-to-end encryption for chat

PubNub offers end-to-end encryption, access management, authorization and compliance standards for chat apps.

Build a Reliable Chat Platform

15 replicated points-of-presence for instant failover, and <250 ms latency worldwide for a reliable chat platform.

How to build a Scalable chat platform

Supports over 1 million chat users in a single chat room.

Developers Love Us
Developers Developers Love Us Us

150,000 developers love our robust and easy-to-use chat APIs and infrastructure.

Pre-built Integrations to Popular Chat APIs

PubNub supports over 50 popular chat APIs.

  • Chat Content Moderation

    Services to filter inappropriate text and image content.

  • Chat Language Translation

    Support for 11 different languages.

  • Chat Sentiment Analysis

    Leverage machine learning for tracking user emotion (great for Customer Support).

  • Chat Alerts and Notifications

    Trigger SMS, email, and push notification for offline users.

Access thelargestGIF database for chat appsGIFsContentModerationLanguageTranslator SMSSentiment Analysis Automatically analyze and filter chat messagesTranslate chat messagesto 11 differentlanguagesNotify offline users via SMSAnalyze text for sentimentand emotion

Chat APIs Powering Apps Across 40+ Verticals

Chat APIs for Healthcare
Chat Platform for Healthcare

HIPAA-compliant chat for doctors, patients and administrators

Chat platform and API's for Gaming
Chat Platform For Gaming

In-game messaging for multiplayer games

Build Delivery for realtime alerts
Delivery of alerts via Chat

Realtime alerts and notifications for on-demand apps

Build a chat platform for Dating apps
Chat Platform for Dating Apps

In-app, private 1:1 chat messaging

Chat platform for E-Learning
eLearning Chat Platform

Collaborative, group chat with language translation

Build a platform for Team Chat
Team Chat and Collaboration

Feature-rich direct and group chat

How to build a chat platform for Support
Chat Plaform for Support

Agent-based, scalable support and customer service chat

How to build a chat platform for Productivity
Chat Platform for Productivity

Chatbots and automated responders

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Live Chat Demo AppLive Chat Demo App

Check out how PubNub powers rich chat applications with a live demo.

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Chat DocumentationChat Documentation

Head over to the docs and learn how to build rich, scalable chat applications.

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Chat Tutorials
Chat Tutorials

Get inspired by our comprehensive chat tutorials and training webinars.

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"DevOps isn’t our core competency. I’d much rather work with a dedicated service like PubNub to fulfill a well-defined need, like quickly transmitting data between players, so our engineering team can focus on the hard problems that are unique to our business."

David Underhill
VP of Engineering, PocketGems

Yelp uses PubNub to connect owners and consumers.


Ebay uses PubNub to power live chat between sellers and buyers.

One Drop Chat App

One Drop built a HIPAA-compliant mobile chat app to track and analyze patient diabetes data.

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