Tech Conferences and Events

Tech Conferences and Events

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Game Development Panel - Featuring Indies and Industry Professionals

  • DateJanuary 29
  • locationMicrosoft Reactor

Welcome to the first game development meetup of 2019! Hope everyone had a great holiday break and is ready to work on some awesome titles in the new year! To kick off the new year, I'm excited to announce a collaborative event with Sentry Scouts at the Microsoft Reactor. This will be a game development panel featuring indie developers and ones from major studios. Come learn about the game development process and how game developers have overcame challenging problems in the industry. This is a great educational opportunity for developers of all experience levels and ages, so make sure to come out for some free food, drinks and a SUPER SMASH BROS TOURNAMENT! See everyone there. Note: This venue is right across the street from the normal PubNub location! Don't come to PubNub, come right across the street!

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