Real-time features that streamline communication and boost productivity

Integrate real-time interactivity into your SAAS platform, whether you are a B2B or B2C platform, regardless of scale.

Create engaging SaaS experiences

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Quickly streamline communication 

Enable direct & group chat, in-app alerts and push notifications

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Easily increase productivity 

Use multi-user collaboration tools to help users interact in real-time

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Create impactful experiences 

Keep users engaged through PubNub’s real-time data streaming

Capabilities to support your customers and employees real-time interactions

Real-time features

PubNub gives you the flexibility to add features such as presence detection, alerts, and push notifications that create a customized experience for your end users.

Shared, multi user collaboration spaces 

Improve workforce or workgroup productivity with secure, shared digital collaboration on projects, documents, and tasks.

Reliable and scalable chat

PubNub provides reliable chat functionality. Set-up one to one chat or one to many between you and your end users to create a unique and seamless experience.

HIPAA-compliant chat improves operational efficiency for telehealthLocation based social app for meaningful interactions

With PubNub, we know that we get a quality, robust solution and a mature platform that solves all of our problems.

Mark Waldron, Senior Engineering Manager at Kustomer

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