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Librato: Realtime Monitoring

Collect, correlate, and visualize realtime data readings
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About Librato: Realtime Monitoring

Librato allows developers and operations professionals to monitor and analyze metrics at all levels of the stack, and offers a suite of features to visualize, analyze and actively alert on metrics that matter.

The Librato block enables you to gather metrics from your realtime data streams, aggregate the data, and visualize it on a live dashboard or chart. For example, with a large scale realtime collaborative app deployment, operations team can monitor user activity, and if a certain number of errors are returned, Librato will alert the right engineering or support teams.

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Librato is hosted monitoring platform designed for custom metrics. This block pushes incoming sensor readings to Librato. Sensor readings are published as messages to input channel. To use sample handler, username and password place holders are required to be replaced by credentials.

To learn more about Librato and to get your own credentials, visit https://metrics.librato.com/sign_up


Publish sensor data as message on input channel. Input Channel: librato-channel
     "temp":  10,
     "device_id": "com.pubnub.sensor1",
     "timestamp": 1474529647