Mapbox: Geocoding

Forward geocoding and reverse geocoding

Mapbox's Geocoding API converts coordinates into addresses and addresses into coordinates for street addresses, cities, neighborhoods, and zip codes. The Mapbox Geocoding block allows you to execute the geocoding function while your data is in-motion, especially useful for delivery, ridesharing/taxi, and navigation applications, where geolocation data can be streamed, and addresses can be updated in real time.


The block requires one input: the query to send to Mapbox for geocoding. From within the block, the Geocoding API is called and the resposne from Mapbox is appended to the payload.


Input Channel: mapbox-geocode-channel (configurable)query is the search query that will be sent to mapbox. The Query can be an address or a latitude,longitude pair



The block appends the directions returned by the Mapbox Geocode API into the message payload. Please refer to the Mapbox documentation for field information


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