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PagerDuty: Incident Management and Alerts

Alerts & Notifications

Alerts & Notifications

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Real-time alerting, on-call scheduling, and tracking for the entire incident lifecycle

PagerDuty provides alerting, on-call scheduling, escalation policies and incident tracking to increase uptime of your apps, servers, websites and databases. It is an Operations Platform for IT, available to notify your team and aggregate system information at every step of the incident lifecycle. The PagerDuty block allows you to combine PagerDuty's incident management capabilities with your PubNub Data Streams. For example, if you have a field of temperature sensors and the reading reaches a specific threshold, you can alert your support team to carry out actions with PagerDuty's wide variety of incident management features. Or if your chat app is powered by PubNub Pub/Sub Messaging, and a certain number of errors are returned, PagerDuty is activated and actions can be taken to resolve the issue.

PagerDuty: Incident Management and Alerts


This block allows the triggering of PagerDuty events by publishing the event payload to a predefined channel.


Publish message on input channel: pagerduty-event with the fields to trigger an event. The eventType and description fields are required.

    "pagerduty": {
        "eventType": "trigger",
        "description": "CPU is melting",
        "incidentKey": "some-unique-key",
        "details": {
            "temperature": 250,
            "fanRPM": 0
        "client": "System Monitor",
        "client_url": "https://my_system_monitor_url.whatever",
        "contexts": [{
            "type": "image",
            "src": "https://link-to-nice-diagram.whatever"

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