Infobip: SMS

Add SMS to your application with a simple block of code

Infobip messaging API enables businesses to automate interactions with customers, making it easy to deliver personalized, responsive customer service. Whether you’re offering on-demand services, reaching users who are offline, or requiring to validate whether real people are creating accounts, Infobip API lets you send messages with pre-programmed SMS.

PubNub SMS function is a standalone piece of code, which can be reused across different PubNub applications for sending SMS messages. This function enables delivering standard PubNub messages as SMS, simplifying the development process.

Infobip is a leading mobile messaging provider and works with the largest social networks, retailers, and over 150 banks globally. We offer developer-friendly API’s and help your application scale globally.


  1. Login or Register to Admin Portal

  2. Select Functions

  3. Select your desired App and Keyset

  4. Select "Explore Templates" and proceed with selected integration.


Once the Infobip SMS Function is installed, the Infobip SMS Handler inside it must be updated with your Infobip credentials. The INFOBIP_API_KEY constant at line 3 should be populated with your Infobip API key. Note that the function should be saved and restarted after this modification.

Infobip SMS Handler looks for several properties in the messages that it processes. Messages should have to, text and from properties, and all of them should be strings. Detailed descriptions for each property can be found at Infobip API documentation.

After making a request to Infobip, SMS Handler will publish API response in infobip-api-response channel. Structure of messages published there corresponds to response model from the API documentation linked above. Name of the response channel can be modified by changing the RESPONSE_CHANNEL constant in the Handler code.

Lastly, SMS Handler can work as both Before Publish or Fire or After Publish or Fire function type. If used as Before Publish it will emit string messages noting if sending was successful or failed. In both cases, full API response details will still be published on infobip-api-response channel. 

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