Lexalytics: Sentiment Analysis and Categorization

Categorize and extract text, and analyze for sentiment

Lexalytics's Semantria API categorizes, extracts, and analyzes text. This enables the extraction information, analysis of user emotion, and categorizes it based on customizable criteria.

The Lexalytics block lets you process real-time data streams while they are in-motion, enabling you analyze and categorize text and run functions based on the result. For example, you can take user submissions and categorize them based on topic or content subject, crunch survey or poll results for keywords, or analyze a social media stream for user sentiment.


The Semantria service exposes a REST API, which conforms to the REST constraints and works over a secure HTTPS connection. Although the Semantria API is not a real-time solution, it is designed for high loads and is optimized for processing a large number of incoming tasks. This means that when a request is made, it enters a queue for processing. Processing speed is highly dependent on the service load. For regular service loads, tasks are collected and processed every 5 to 60 seconds.

This block feeds incoming messages into Semantria service for analysis. The analysis results are available asynchronously via Semantria platform.

You'll need to sign up for an account with Lexalytics. Then, you'll need to look at our API documentation and refer to the Pubnub page on how to integrate using blocks.

You'll get 20,000 free credits to use for 30 days in any way you desire (well, legally, natch).  If you want to try/test more – please contact sales@lexalytics.com for help in getting you set up with a longer time period or more requests.


Publish message on input channel. Input Channel: lexalytics-channel


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