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Notify offline chat users via SMS

Offline notifier block notifies the offline users using RingCentral SMS API. If a message is published and a user is not listening to the chat channel, an SMS notification is sent to that user.


This block sends SMS notifications to offline users.

A message is sent targeting a user's uuid. The block then checks PubNub presence to see if that user is online. If the user is online, the message is sent over PubNub so that the target user can receive it.

If the user is not online, the event handler uses the phone number of the offline user and sends the message over SMS using RingCentral's API. Visit to get your credentials for RingCentral API.


Publish a message over the input channel. Input Channel: notifier-channel

    "text": "Hi How are you", 
    "to_uuid": "user_uuid" 

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