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In-app chat, notifications, location tracking, and more. Easy to build, fully customizable.

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geo sync
geo sync
geo sync
geo sync
geo sync


Powerful chat APIs

Powerful chat APIs for secure and reliable one-to-one, group, and live event messaging.


Live Notifications

APIs to deliver realtime alerts including push notifications, in-app alerts, and SMS.

IoT Device Control

IoT Devices Control

APIs for bidirectional monitoring and triggering device action.

Realize The Promise of Edge Compute Today

PubNub Functions delivers on the promise of Edge compute with serverless programmability.

Serverless integration
Serverless integration

Language translation, content moderation, push notifications, and other best-in-class 3rd party services

Message handling
Message handling

Filter (profanity, keywords, etc), parse, and route based on message content or user status

AI and aggregation
AI and aggregation

Chatbots, natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and other AI-enabled services.

Realize the promise of Edge compute today
  • export default (request) => {
  • request.message = translate(request.message, en, fr);
  • return request;
  • }
Realize the promise of Edge compute today

Customers Building the Next-Generation of Realtime Apps with PubNub


PubNub is reliable. It’s efficient. It’s fast. It’s everything we were looking for. In the EMS/911 space, efficiency is key because how quickly the first responders and public safety agencies respond determines life or death. PubNub has all of that.

Jason Brock

Director of Software Development
One Call

From testing, to 1,500 rides a day today, to an estimated 15,000 rides a day in the coming months, we’re confident PubNub can handle that growth.

Kabir Chandhoke

COO of SourceFuse
Pocket Gem

DevOps isn’t our core competency. I’d much rather work with a dedicated service like PubNub to fulfill a well-defined need, like quickly transmitting data between players, so our engineering team can focus on the hard problems that are unique to our business.

David Underhill

VP of Engineering

99.999% Uptime Performance, Security and Compliance

2 TrillionMonthly Transactions

< 100msLatency Worldwide

330 MillionUnique Monthly Devices

99.999%Uptime SLAs

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