App Context

Correlate your information with App Context

Store metadata about your applications’ users and channels, and the membership relationship between them, without spending time and resources on an external infrastructure

What can you do with PubNub’s App Context?

Store user and channel information

Store user and channel information with several properties already available.

Manage channel memberships

Create, read, update, and delete users and channels. Create and store associations between users and channels.

Store message cursors

Store message cursors on user’s memberships. 

Where is App Context Used?

Gaming - Get notified in real time when a user updates their nickname in a game, or when a new user is added to a chat room. 

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Digital Health - Create channels for private 1:1 chat between doctor and patient. Add and remove channels from channel groups as new patients are matched with staff members. Label channels so that their purpose is understood. 

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Multi-user Collaboration - Users can set their status to let others know when they are available to help.  

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