Stage TEN Lets Creators Produce Live E-Commerce Events

Stage TEN uses PubNub to power chat at scale in their live e-commerce platform, improving engagement during events.

With PubNub, Stage TEN:

  • Replaced their in-house system, which allows them to operate their platform in real time, without concurrency or latency restrictions. 

  • Creates genuine connections with audience members through engaging features like chat and emojis, which helps increase purchases. 

  • Can easily moderate chat to ensure a positive user experience.

Stage TEN Lets Creators Produce Live E-Commerce Events

“Working with PubNub has been a really good experience. The people that I've worked with have been flexible and attentive, and I’m just so happy that we decided to bring PubNub into our product.”

-Doug Doe, CTO at Stage TEN

Meet Stage TEN

Stage TEN is an interactive live e-commerce platform that makes it easy for video content creators to monetize content and engage with their audience in real time. 

With Stage TEN, artists and brands like Cardi B, Justin Bieber, MTV, and YouTube Originals have produced virtual events from around the world. Their platform breaks down the barriers between a creator and their audience—giving them the ability to host events where they can engage with viewers at an elevated level with features like chat, voting, donations, and live shoutouts for every product purchased. 

To help enable this engaging, e-commerce experience at scale, Stage TEN turned to PubNub. 

Replacing their in-house system with a scalable chat solution

Prior to PubNub, Stage TEN had run into some scaling issues with their in-house chat while hosting large events. Because of this, Doug Doe, CTO at Stage TEN, knew that it was time to search for a solution that would be able to handle any number of chat users at scale with low latency. Doe spoke to a number of different companies and ran performance tests on multiple open source implementations that ended up not being suitable for their use case. But then, Doe came across PubNub. 

Doe and his team were able to easily integrate PubNub’s chat infrastructure into their product—in the way that works best for them—with guidance from our Solution Architects team. “I have become a fan of PubNub just because I really enjoy working with the people,” said Doe. “We received the guidance that we needed, handed those resources over to a developer, and then we had a prototype running within a day.” 

Now, by relying on PubNub, their team doesn’t have to worry about concurrency limits or latency issues, which is essential as a platform that hosts live e-commerce events. “PubNub gives us the ability to scale chat as needed, but also provides us with an API that allows us to easily build more features,” said Doe. “The model around pricing was very flexible, which is something we really needed for where we are in terms of our company growth.” 

Creating genuine relationships with their audience  

Using PubNub, Stage TEN is able to power chat with interactive features such as emojis, alongside a live video stream. 

During a live-stream, creators have the opportunity to discuss what they are selling and bring comments on screen—allowing them to directly interact and build meaningful connections with their audience. By giving users the ability to actively engage and participate with real-time features, it creates an exciting feeling for the viewer, making them a part of the live experience. 

Ultimately, having this real-time interaction powered by PubNub has improved engagement between a creator and their audience in the Stage TEN platform. 

Moderating chat messages with ease 

Another crucial reason that Stage TEN made the decision to switch to PubNub was because they needed a way to build more features, more easily—including a way to moderate chat in real time during virtual events. 

“Chat moderation using the PubNub Chat Moderation Dashboard, was one of the main drivers for using a third-party provider like PubNub,” said Doe. With PubNub, Stage TEN is able to ban bad actors and filter chat alongside the live video stream during an event to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. As a result, this helps keep users engaged in their platform, making them more likely to purchase. 

For Stage TEN, implementing these moderation features with PubNub has given their team the flexibility to filter chat as needed, allowing them to truly focus their efforts on their core competencies.

Innovating their platform with engaging features 

As Stage TEN continues to grow, Doe and his team are excited to innovate their platform with additional chat features. And knowing that they can count on PubNub as a partner to provide insight and support them is vital. 

“Working with PubNub has been a really good experience,” said Doe. The people that I've worked with have been flexible and attentive, and I’m just so happy that we decided to bring PubNub into our product.”

If you would like to learn how PubNub can help you create engaging virtual events with features like real-time chat, emojis, message moderation, and more—get in touch with our team of experts.