MaNaDr Puts Doctors Just a Tap Away

PubNub Chat gives patients and doctors a real-time, secure connection for quick questions or a remote diagnosis
MaNaDr Puts Doctors Just a Tap Away

At a Glance

  • Secure and scalable communications for better care to over 250,000 patients

  • Worry-free security with HIPAA-compliant chat

  • Real-time conversations for faster care and screenings, anytime, anywhere

  • Reliable infrastructure ensures every communication makes it through

MaNaDr Puts Doctors Just a Tap Away
PubNub has been great in providing a technology with almost zero downtime. The text and data transmissions have been fantastically smooth. And, it’s important for us to have this instant connection with zero downtime, with a smooth, secure, and accurate transmission of data.Dr. Siaw Tung Yeng CEO, Founder, Physician at MaNaDr


Giving patients secure and reliable access to doctors from the palm of their hand

As patients demand more modern, real-time access to healthcare providers, regulations, concerns about privacy, and the criticality of information have held back solutions. So as MaNaDr looked to give patients and doctors a platform to receive and deliver quality care, they faced challenges on security, compliance, and reliability. The crux of their solution was to enable virtual diagnosis, screenings, consultations, and simple scheduling built on real-time two-way communications. Finding a solution that could do it all while still satisfying security and compliance demands seemed like too much to ask. That is, until they asked PubNub.


Chat helps patients receive faster, easier care in more ways than one

PubNub Chat gave MaNaDr an easy path to reliable and compliant chat so they could quickly put patients in touch with doctors, no matter where they were. PubNub’s 99.999% uptime SLA and global 250 ms latency ensures patients and doctors get the message without fail. Even after evaluating SendBird and Pusher, MaNaDr recognized the complete package in PubNub Chat to enable not only chat, but remote consultations, appointment scheduling, telelab results, homecare, news, and more. The telemedicine approach of MaNaDr has been instrumental in making people comfortable with their care from home with the spread of COVID-19, with over 250,000 people having used the app in the first weeks. In conjunction with PubNub Chat, MaNaDr built an all-in-one healthcare app that everyone can trust. 

MaNaDr as an ecosystem has been preparing for this demand for a long time. The ecosystem that we built is powerful for a situation like COVID-19.Dr. Siaw Tung Yeng CEO, Founder, Physician at MaNaDr