In-App Messaging

Build connected experiences with powerful hosted messaging APIs

PubNub is the global, secure, and reliable way to send and receive data between any number of devices and users in real-time in under 100ms

What can you do with PubNub In-App Messaging?

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Pub/Sub - PubNub’s Publish and Subscribe APIs make it easy to deliver high volume, in-app messages 1:1 or to an unlimited number of channels anywhere around the globe in less than 100ms.

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Unlimited Channels - Combine up to 10,000 individual channels into a single connection so user/device can subscribe to unique combinations of message streams.

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Message Reactions - Add delivery acknowledgements, read receipts, and end user reactions to make end messages more authentic.

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Message Persistence - We save history, so devices can retrieve messages that were published with a simple API for accessing historical data - even when the device was offline.

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Message Filters - Filter channels based on message metadata, so each device receives only the messages they need.

Where is In-App Messaging Used?

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Private and group chats - To deliver chat messages, alerts, in-app chat, and chatbots for web, iOS, and Android chat.

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Geolocation Streaming - To track live geo-coordinates and update interactive maps.

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Smart Device Control and Monitoring - To trigger device action and monitor status.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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