Pocket Gems Immerses Players Deeper into Their Interactive Worlds
Pocket Gems Immerses Players Deeper into Their Interactive Worlds

Pocket Gems Immerses Players Deeper into Their Interactive Worlds

Players become the center of a truly magical experience where players form realtime connections through PubNub Chat

Pocket Gems Immerses Players Deeper into Their Interactive Worlds

At a Glance.

At a Glance

  • Making multiplayer experiences more engaging with realtime chat
  • Seamless connection between even thousands of simultaneous players
  • Players engage as fast as the game moves with realtime chat
  • Slays engineering pain with fast and easy implementation and true scalability at minimal cost

DevOps isn't our core competency. I'd much rather work with a dedicated service like PubNub to fulfill a well-defined need, like quickly transmitting data between players, so our engineering team can focus on the hard problems that are unique to our business. David Underhill VP of Engineering


Get players immersed in the magical worlds of their genre-defining games

Pocket Gems lets gamers explore interactive and entertaining worlds built with stunning visuals and driven by engaging stories. They’re obviously on to something, since their games have been downloaded more than 450 million times. But it’s hard to keep players happily engaged while also trying to support that level of success, especially when teamwork, conversations, and interactions are integral to the games. Their success was straining the capabilities of their existing in-house chat solution, which they feared would impact the overall immersive experience generated by in-game conversations. Plus, with players coming online around the world, annoying latency and subpar inter-player connections could easily frustrate players as they tried to battle dragons or choose how their stories play out. 


Use realtime player conversations to create more captivating entertainment experiences

Whether players are in the middle of a Hollywood-caliber story or commanding troops on a wacky planet, Pocket Gems uses PubNub Chat to make sure they can coordinate and communicate in realtime. It also keeps players in-the-know with team-wide updates and results. What players get is an immersive experience where they can interact as if in the real world. And what Pocket Gems engineers get is an easy-to-deploy solution that can scale to support their growth so they can forget about networking and infrastructure and just focus on creating the gaming experiences their fans demand. So while thousands of players work together to inflict pain on their dragon opponents, developers feel no pain at all. 

PubNub Multiplayer Game Customer


PubNub, with its realtime state awareness, powers the realtime multiplayer capabilities of War Dragons, so thousands of players can move around this virtual world concurrently, and engage in dragon battles.

War Dragons also leverages PubNub for push notifications with its Mobile Gateways so players can get updates on their mobile phones for important events like "somebody just stole resources from you" so they can jump back into the action and show the thieves just why they chose the wrong player to loot.

The Pocket Gems team was able to implement PubNub to prototype these capabilities with just one engineer in a couple days. Two engineers then took a few more days to move these features to production. Without PubNub, it would have taken much longer to just create a prototype. In addition, if Pocket Gems built their real-time infrastructure in-house, it would have required that they build a dedicated DevOps team to keep up with maintenance issues.

Pocket Gems aims to deepen its partnership with PubNub in the future for new additions to War Dragons as well as for new and exciting games to engage their excited and loyal users.

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