Automatic real-time detection of device and user state to enhance connected experiences across features.

Easy-to-use APIs for online/offline tracking, real-time audience count, and typing indicators.

What can you do with PubNub Presence?

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User state - Deliver instantaneous status updates whenever user state changes for any number of connected users across related apps.

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Audience count and location - Detect and update connected user counts and locations.

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Typing indicators - Show when a user is typing a chat message.

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Battery State Notifications - Monitor device battery state, and trigger events when thresholds are met.

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PubNub Functions - Trigger powerful serverless functions to run business logic whenever a user connects or disconnects.

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Webhooks - Configure PubNub to callback to your server (or any REST API) whenever a user state changes.

Where is Presence Used?

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User Lists - When creating live-updating lists of online and offline users, like chat contact lists.

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When showing that a user is typing in a chat application.

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In IoT, to reflect the smart devices connection state..

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