Online/Offline and Device State Monitoring API

Key Features
Online/Offline Status

Know instantly when devices come online or drop offline.

Differentiated Permissions

Combine Presence with Access Manager for fine-grain access control for device & user metadata.

Track Device / User State

Persistent monitoring of any device attribute or user state you specify.

Easy to Use

Simple API to tell who is online, what channels they are subscribed to, and their custom status.

Unmatched reliability

Online/offline and state monitoring is useless if it isn’t reliable. Presence is built on the PubNub DSN for 99.999% uptime guaranteed.

What’s Included:
Built on Publish/Subscribe –

Presence opens dedicated channels to track online/offline status and state events.

Dedicated Presence channels –

Get maximum visibility into device/user behavior with an automatically-created Presence Events channel for each Publish/Subscribe channel in your architecture.

Low latency –

Global latencies average under 250ms; local latencies under 100ms.

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iOS (Swift)
Android / Java
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