Mobile Push Notifications

Keep your users engaged and informed with Mobile Push Notifications

Trigger event or state-based alerts that will bring your users back to your app

What can you do with PubNub’s Mobile Push Notifications?

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Engage users

Trigger event or state-based alerts that bring your users back to the app. 

Keep users informed

Provision geo-aware jobs and orders, highlight exceptions, or update status for operational gains in business fulfillment and service.

Stay top of mind

Send alerts in-app if users are online, or through mobile push notifications if they’re not – for always-on reach.

Set it and forget it

A set it and forget it configuration to receive push notifications. 

APNS and FCM-delivered messages

For iOS and Android devices

Where are Mobile Push Notifications Used?

Geolocation - Inform users of their ride, update users on timing, and alert drivers who are nearby.

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Digital Health - Use mobile push notifications to prompt patients to take their medicine and log their treatment progress.  

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Gaming - Players can reach out to their viewers when a live event starts. Viewers can tap on the notification to open directly into the live event.   

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