IoT Device Control

IoT Device Control

Securely monitor, control, provision and stream data between Internet-connected devices.

PubNub powers realtime communication for the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart devices, powered by our secure global Data Stream Network. Trigger device action, monitor metadata, or stream and process incoming and outgoing data. PubNub provides the infrastructure and APIs for communication for any size IoT deployment.

IoT Device Control and Monitoring

Unlimited IoT Device Control Possibilities

IoT Bidirectional Communication
Bidirectional communication for IoT

Send and receive data between devices, whether it’s sensor readers or triggering device action.

IoT Cross-device and platform messaging
Cross-device and platform messaging for IoT

Use a combination of PubNub’s 70+ SDKs to connect web, mobile, and smart devices and hardware.

Monitor IoT device metadata
Monitor device metadata for IoT

Monitor and track device status in realtime, like online/offline status or consumption levels.

Act on IoT data instantly
Act on IoT data instantly

With PubNub Functions, automatically execute code to trigger alerts or device action.

Intelligent IoT Data Routing
Intelligent Data Routing for IoT

Route device data back to any existing system in realtime, like AWS, IBM, or Microsoft Power BI.

IoT Device provisioning and remote firmware upgrades
Device provisioning and remote firmware upgrades for IoT

Deployments get up-and-running quickly and securely. Remotely upgrade firmware through private channels with no action needed.

IoT Enterprise grade security
Enterprise grade security for IoT

Powerful end-to-end TLS and AES encryption secures all data that passes over the network.

IoT Minimal battery and bandwidth drain
IoT Minimal battery and bandwidth drain

Protocol-independent and reduced “chattiness” conserves battery drain and bandwidth consumption.

IoT Use Cases

Ideal Use Cases

Serverless IoT with PubNub BLOCKS

Serverless IoT with PubNub BLOCKS

The BLOCKS Catalog is a growing collection of prebuilt applets for enhancing your Internet of Things deployments.

PubNub has partnered with dozens of leading companies to provide easily integrable partner BLOCKS. With the click of a button, initiate image recognition, visualize data, analyze sentiment, and more.

Turn voice commands into device action SentimentAnalysisAutomatically trigger alerts for specific events Realtime IoTDashboard IncidentManagementVisualize sensordata on livedashboard


Getting Started with IoT Device Control

Decoding the Internet of Things Video
Decoding the Internet of Things

We break down IoT into smaller components and how to get started on your project.

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Architecting IoT Apps Video
Architecting IoT Apps

A general overview for connecting and controlling IoT devices with PubNub.

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IoT Monitoring and Graphing
IoT Monitoring and Graphing

An open-source chart and map framework to visualize your live IoT data on a realtime dashboard.

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IoT Realtime Geolocation Tracking with the Google Maps API
Realtime Geolocation Tracking with the Google Maps API

Track and display device location via Google Maps API in realtime.

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