Falkonry AI: Machine Learning for Condition Identification

Automate and interpret data from industrial activity and IT processes

Falkonry AI provides a cognitive/AI service that can automate the interpretation of telemetry and sensor data from industrial activity, IT processes, and high-end consumer assets. The Falkonry AI block allows you to analyze your massive real-time streams of data, and lets you build models or predict future action based on those data streams.


First, replace API_TOKEN with your Falkonry account API token. Then, choose or create a buffer from your Falkonry account and replace BUFFER_ID with the id of your Falkonry buffer.

This block publishes the data to the Falkonry webhook found in your account. It should be something like https://service.falkonry.io/webhook/BUFFER_ID. This will log the entire PubNub message as a datapoint within the buffer which can later be processed by the Falkonry API service.

Before the message is published the block appends the current timestamp to the message as required by the Falkonry API.


Message published over PubNub


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