PubNub Functions

Deploy business logic into the network with a single click.

What is PubNub Functions?
Realtime apps need a low-latency, simple, and scalable way to filter, route, aggregate, and transform messages without making servers the bottleneck.

PubNub Functions allow you to augment realtime messages with 3rd party APIs, quickly integrating geo-data, language translation, sentiment analysis, machine learning and more, while maintaining latency of < ¼ second.

With no infrastructure to provision and no servers to manage, you have the time and freedom to innovate.
Key Features
Programmable Network

Build features in a fraction of the time with code that runs inside the network.

Serverless Architecture

Deployment and scaling all handled for you for one less problem to worry about.

Integrated K/V Store

Tightly integrated Key/Value store reduces latency.


Make PubNub Functions available to anything capable of making a HTTP request.

Zero Added Latency

Fewer hops between servers and no spin-up time makes PubNub Functions unbelievably fast.

What You Can Build:
Massive-scale social apps –

Aggregate votes and sentiment in big social apps using PubNub’s globally replicated Key/Value database.

@mention functionality –

Deliver this for chatrooms in a few lines of code.

IOT edge compute-

Transform, translate, filter and aggregate data at the edge of the network.

Chatbots –

Build and integrate chatbots for any realtime app.

Authentication –

Integrate to any OAUTH infrastructure.

PubNub Functions

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