PubNub Integrations

Integrate best-in-class third party services directly into your real-time app.
Data Streaming & Dashboards

Microsoft | Power BI

Push data to Power BI dataset, for visualization on real-time dashboards
Data Streaming & Dashboards

New Relic: Real-time App Monitoring

Inserts published data into the New Relic Insights Service.
Data Streaming & Dashboards

Initial State: Real-time IoT Dashboards

Visualize sensor and IoT data on live dashboards and graphs in real time.
Data Streaming & Dashboards

Amazon SQS – Fully managed message queues

Fully managed message queues for microservices, distributed systems, and...
Data Streaming & Dashboards

Plot Outliers on Graph

Detects outliers and highlights them on a real-time graph.

Vote Counter

This blocks counts votes and restricts each IP address to one valid vote.

Xignite: Global Currency Exchange Rates

Stream hourly currency exchange rates for 150 currencies, including all...
Voice & Video

Xirsys Access Token API

A serverless API endpoint for securely providing TURN access to WebRTC...
Data Streaming & Dashboards

Amazon Kinesis | Load Data Streams to Data Stores&Analytics

Prepare and load real-time data streams into data stores and analytics...
Voice & Video

Vonage Voice and Video APIs–Fast, High-Quality A/V Calling

Simple, powerful voice calls and video chat.
Voice & Video

Agora Video & Voice Call APIs – High-Quality A/V Experiences

Powerful, reliable video for communal connections

BetterDoctor: Doctor Data

Access comprehensive and most frequently updated physician data

Cloudinary: Image Manipulation

Manipulate, process, and transform image properties on the fly
IoT Messaging & Analytics

Falkonry AI: Machine Learning for Condition Identification

Automate and interpret data from industrial activity and IT processes

Fire Sensor Alert Block

Send an SMS if temperature reaches a threshold.
IoT Messaging & Analytics

Wia: IoT Messaging

Trigger device action and monitor state