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Send an SMS if temperature reaches a threshold.

This block monitors JSON values coming in from a temperature sensor and sends an SMS notification if temperature reading crosses a threshold indicating fire.


Fire sensor alert BLOCK makes use of two event handlers. The first event handler monitors incoming messages from temperature sensors and generates an alert when temperature is beyond 420 degrees (indicating fire).

This alert is fed into another event handler along with contact information of person to be notified. This event handler uses the information to compose and send an SMS to the contact using RingCentral's API. Visit to get your credentials for RingCentral API.

This block can be extended to other scenarios as well, to monitor for readings from sensors going outside predefined range.

As extension, more alerting handlers can be added to send emails or other types of notifications.


Sensor readings in JSON format are sent to input channel: fire-sensor-alert-channel

    "temp": 451,
    "device_id": "com.pubnub.sensor25"

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