Xignite: Global Currency Exchange Rates

Stream hourly currency exchange rates for 150 currencies, including all majors

Xignite offers a wide variety of financial data and market data APIs. The Xignite Function provides global currency exchange rates for over 150 currencies, including all majors.


  1. Login or Register to Admin Portal

  2. Select Functions

  3. Select your desired App and Keyset

  4. Select "Explore Templates" and proceed with selected integration.


This Function fetches currency information from Xignite and populates the latest rates and history into the message.

To learn more about Xignite API and getting your production keys, visit Xignite Registration


Input Channel: xignite-channel (configurable) If the message contains a currencyOrigin and currencyDestination fields, the block will use the two currencie to fetch the exchange rates and history from Xignite



The Xignite block fetches the financial information for the two currencies and appends it into the payload


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