BetterDoctor: Doctor Data

Access comprehensive and most frequently updated physician data

BetterDoctor brings accuracy to doctor data with a real-time platform, master database, and API services that enable everyone to add doctor data to their systems, websites and applications. The BetterDoctor block allows you to access the database of doctors and insurance networks directly from your real-time data streams. Use BetterDoctor to search for a doctor by name, location, or specialty. BetterDoctor also retrieves doctor descriptions, a list of known conditions, insurance providers, ratings, photos, contact information and specialties.


By creating a free BetterDoctor user key here, you get immediate access to BetterDoctor Provider Data. The free account is rate limited and you can't access all the data through the Public API. If you're interested in the Premium API, contact BetterDoctor.


This is a sample payload for basic doctor search.


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