Rendr: Seamless Backbone.js Web and Mobile Apps

2 min read Keith Lindsay on Sep 17, 2014

Rendr is a small library that allows you to run your Backbone.js apps seamlessly on both the client and the server with Node.js. It enables developers to allow their web server to serve fully-formed HTML pages to any deep link of their app, while perserving teh snappy feel of a traditional Backbone.js client.

Rendr is a building block for future web apps that can be run on either side of the wire, whatever the needs of your application.

Spike Brehm – “Rendr: Past, Present and Future”

Spike Brehm is a web engineer at AirBnB, and developed Rendr for AirBnB. In the talk below, Spike talks about the impetus for the Rendr project and gives an overview of how it works. Also included in his talk are some of the benefits of using Rendr, including performance, SEO, flexibility, and maintainability.

Josh Callender and Mark Dimas – “Rendr’ing at”

Josh Callender is a web developer and Mark Dimas is the founder and CTO at In the talk below, Josh and Mark go into detail on why implemented Rendr. They also give an overview on Rendr, including its benefits (simple data models that sync with an API, collections of data models, and code structured to easily create web component style subviews). The platform team found that the code was easier to learn and understand, it was cleaner, and pretty straightforward.

Ethan Schlenker – “Rendr at Trulia”

Ethan Schlenker leads the Rendr team at Trulia. In the talk below, Ethan discusses implementing Rendr into the Trulia mobile website, the performance increases, and the results of doing so, including a prototype in less than a week.

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