This demo is best experienced on a larger device.

Group Chat Demo

Our group chat demo demonstrates how to build a feature-rich chat and team collaboration application using PubNub Chat.

PubNub's Chat Components library provides easy-to-use components to build chat applications with our React SDK.

Our component library is the fastest way to add chat features like direct and group messaging, typing indicators, reactions and more without going through the complexity of low-level architecture of real-time networks. At the same time it allows you to create apps for various use cases, with different functionalities and customizable looks.

Chat Features

  • User and Channel Metadata - Fetch metadata about users, channels and memberships from PB Objects storage using custom hooks.

  • Subscriptions - Automatic subscriptions to current channel and optional subscriptions to other channels and channel groups.

  • Messages - Publish and listen to text messages as well as fetch history for each channel.

  • Presence - Get currently present users and listen to new presence events.

  • Typing Indicators - Typing indicators for knowing when a message is being written.

  • Message Reactions - Publish and display message reactions (emojis) for each message.