PubNub allows you to create chat apps from scratch or add them to your existing applications. You can focus on creating the best user experience while PubNub takes care of scalability, reliability, security, and global legislative compliance.

Create 1:1 private chat rooms, group chats, or mega chats for large scale events, for a variety of use cases:

  • Live Audience Engagement: Streaming chat in real-time events
  • Digital Health: Private chat between doctors and patients
  • Gaming: Live chat for online game players
  • Call Center: Chat between agents and customers
  • Marketplaces & Auctions: Chat between buyers and sellers
  • Social: Chat with your own community
  • Multi-User Collaboration: Chat for team communication at the workplace

Get started

There are two recommended ways in which you can create a chat with PubNub:

  • Using our Chat SDK written in TypeScript to directly call the PubNub API through a set of convenience methods.
  • Using the PubNub Chat Components for React and React Native that also provide sample UI for your chat app.

Choose your way and get started!

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